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Funeral and Memorial Arrangements

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Memorial Service(s)


A number of gatherings have already occurred for people to reminisce. These

should continue since John's life was too big to squeeze into one event.


Saturday Sept 23 lots of folks will be gathering just before 3PM outside Valhalla at Rice University to celebrate John's life.


The festivities will start promptly at 3 PM - please get there before then .

No one will be surprised to hear:



Appropriate attire required (1).

Spare change-of-clothing suggested (2).

Light finger-food available.

Bring your favorite stories, games, photographs and slides. Did I mention stories?

Can someone print up the rules to Okie Poison?

3 PM start, but beer will flow starting about 3:15.

Storytelling at 4PM.

Last call at 5:45,

Doors close at 6PM. Folks can stay around outside but not inside the bar.


Folks can break for dinner at 6PM, and/or follow an Art Car Processional

looping through campus, past some of Johns haunts, and ending at

the Art Car Museum in the Heights (near Cozmos and Star Pizza II).


At 8 PM we will reconvene at Valhalla.


Events John might expect to occur throughout the evening (to remain unscripted…let the night flow as it may):

* Pie-ing yourself

* Toasts to John – to be made with any drink of choice

* Blow Pong

* Boat Race

* What's that funny old drink recipee again?

* Dance practice.


Food delivered about 11PM.

Last call 1:30AM.




(1) John loved tye dye, hightopper tennis shoes, and silly hats.

(2) If you dare cry, we must pie.



Does anyone have the right equipment to do a web broadcast that

afternoon? There are a number of folks who can't be there in person.



Detailed Rice University online maps at:








John would want the service to be a joyous celebration of his life. If you don't believe me, ask John himself:



Music Suggestions folks have made:


(Not sure if this is the right place, so feel free to move/reformat this comment. -Sedge)


Bagpipes: Look on Amazon for a free download by the Wicked Tinkers: "AMAZING GRACE, SCOTLAND THE BRAVE, & BLACK BEAR HORNPIPE" Rev. John would like this - a lone bagpipe and low horn wail traditional hymn, then drums join and finish it out as an upbeat march.


I have a collection of Amazing Grace renditions, several with Bagpipe. I will bring a CD (just in case). - Tom G


"Immigrant Song" ("..Val-hal-la I am coming..") Made famous by the hit movie "Bimbo and Bingo Get Married", you'll find this on that Led Zeppelin III LP you didn't want to throw away.


"Valhalla 80s series Dance Music" - Richard

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